Iain Cheeseman
"The Big Cheese"

Sarah McKay
Terrific Technican

Julie Monda
Graduate Gargantuan

Alexandra Navarro
Graduate Gargantuan

Mary-Jane Tsang
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Nolan Maier
Graduate Gargantuan

Kuan-Chung Su
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Zak Swartz
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Leah Bury
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Gunter Sissoko
Graduate Gargantuan

Nick Polizzi
Administrative Taskmaster

Former Lab members:

Mathijs Vleugel - Currently an Associate Editor at Nature Protocols.

Julie Welburn - Currently a Group leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh

Sasha Targ - Currently a medical student at UCSF

Jens Schmidt - Currently an Assitant Professor at Michigan Statue University

Karen Gascoigne - Currently a Scientist at Genentech

Chelsea Backer - Currently a medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Tomomi Kiyomitsu - Currently an Assistant Professor at Nagoya University

Charlotte Pennings - Currently a graduate student with Hein te Riele.

Scott Foster - Currently a post-doc at Genentech.

Florencia Rago - Currently a post-doc at Novartis.

Tonia Tsinman - Currently a graduate student at UPenn.

Sanne Boersma - Current a graduate student Marvin Tanenbaum at the Hubrecht Institute.

Kara McKinley - Currently a post-doc with Ron Vale at UCSF.

David Kern - Current a post-doc with Steve Brohawn at UC Berkeley

Ian Whitney - Sold out to the man - i.e. currently work at Roche

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If you were a cheese, which cheese would you be?

Current Cheeses:

Iain: Fromage Affinois
Kuan-Chung: Cream Cheese
Julie: Provel
Zak: Scamorza
Nolan: Pepper Jack
Leah: Handkäse
Alexandra: Nacho Cheese
Mary Jane: I'll be boring and say Mozzarella
Sarah: Gouda
Gunter: G.O.A.T. cheese, aka Greatest Of All Time cheese. :)

Stinky Cheeses:

Mathijs: Edammer
Julie Welburn: Rocamadour
Sasha: Emmental
Jens: A stinky German cheese (apparently, they're all like that)
Karen: Mac and Cheese
Tomomi: Mozzarella
Chelsea: Ouray
Scott: Easy Cheese
Charlotte: Gorgonzola
Florencia: Pecorino
Tonia: Sharp Cheddar
Sanne: Old Amsterdam
Kara: Brie
David K.: Well, now that I have my sense of smell back, it might change
Ian W.: Pepper Jack

Photo Credit: Alina Chan