The W.M. Keck Biological Imaging Facility is located in room 447 of the Whitehead Institute at Nine Cambridge Center, Cambridge Massachusetts. The facility is managed by microscopist Nicki Watson and directed by Whitehead member Iain Cheeseman. The facility provides scientists with the equipment and training necessary to generate and interpret microscopic images. In addition to serving Whitehead and MIT, the facility is open to the local research community.

Lab Manager: Nicki Watson

Light Microscopy Specialist: Wendy Salmon

Phone: (617) 258-5202
Room: 447
Directions to the Whitehead Institute

Embryonic testis section showing organizer ‘nurse’ cells (Sertoli cells, blue) around the germ cells (stained with Mvh, red), which are mitotically quiescent (not stained with the proliferative marker, Ki67, green), indicating normal embryonic development. Image captured on Zeiss LSM 700 confocal by Peter Nichols (Page lab).

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