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Electron Microscopes

FEI Technai Spirit Transmission Electron Microscope

Jeol 5600LV Scanning Electron Microscope

Light Microscopes

Widefield microscopy

Confocal Microscopy

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1
    • 6 laser lines: 405nm, 440nm, 491nm, 515nm, 561nm, 640nm
    • Compatable with aqueous clearing solutions
    • Optics for imaging samples with refractive index of 1.33 (water) or 1.45 (CLARITY and similar clearing solutions).

Sample Preparation


  • Reichert Ultracut E cuts 50-1000nm plastic sections
  • Leica Ultracut UCT equipped with an EM FCS cryo stage

Cryostat (Leica CM3050 S) cuts 2-200µm frozen sections

Critical Point Dryer (Tousimus Autosamdri-815)

Sputter Coating System (Hummer 6.2)

Additional Equipment

LiveCell Stage-top Incubation Systems (Pathology Devices)

Imaging Software

Imaris (Bitplane) for 3D rendering and analysis. Tutorials and webinars.

Huygens (SVI) for deconvolution of image stacks. Tutorials and theory.

Fiji package of ImageJ for basic image handling and anaysis. Tutorials and info.

Volocity (Perkin Elmer) for 3D rendering and analysis. Online training.


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