Nicki Watson has over twenty years experience working in microscopy. Her specialized expertise is electron microscopy and she offers special assistance to researchers needing this technique.  Nicki has been with the Whitehead Institute since 1998. She first worked in electron microscopy as an undergraduate at San Diego State University. Following graduation, Nicki spent two years working as a clinical electron microscopist at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla, California then spent six years working with Drs. George Palade and Marilyn Farquhar at the University of California San Diego, as part of their electron microscopy core group. At the Whitehead Institute she has gained knowledge and expertise in light microscopy techniques including laser scanning confocal, spinning disc confocal, FRAP, FRET, time lapse imaging, deconvolution, micro-injection, image processing, and wide-field microscopy. 

Nicki Watson
Phone: (617) 258-5202
Room: 447



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