Welcome to the Reddien Lab
Regeneration Research
We are located in the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and are part of the Biology Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The ability of certain animals to regenerate new limbs, tails, or in some cases even heads has puzzled biologists for centuries. We aim to identify and understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control regeneration.
Latest News and Updates
Publication in Cell Reports | August 30, 2012
Congratulations to Sylvain Lapan on the publication of his paper, "Transcriptome analysis of the planarian eye identifies ovo as a specific regulator of eye regeneration", in Cell Reports!
Publication in Genes and Development | May 01, 2012
Danielle Wenemoser's latest paper, "A molecular wound response program associated with regeneration initiation in planarians", has been published in Genes and Development.
Research published in Cell Stem Cell | March 02, 2012
The work of Dan Wagner and Jackie Ho has been published in Cell Stem Cell. Their paper is entitled "Genetic regulators of a pluripotent adult stem cell system in planarians identified by RNAi and clonal analysis."
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